Sunday, April 13, 2008

Post Surgery Recovery

Recovery from breast implant surgery was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The morning after I was able to cook breakfast for my mom before she headed home and also done some real light house cleaning. Fixing my hair was slow because my chest was tight and it was hard to hold my arms up, I noticed that if I would try and move around through out the day that I didn’t feel so tight, but this feeling also passed as my body healed.

I think the worst part of the pain was the backache I had whenever I went to bed. I never really slept that well because it was hard to get comfortable. I used a heating pad on my back but it only helped for so long and the pain pills did nothing for me so I stuck with using Advil. When I would roll on my sides, the shifting of my breast would hurt all the way into my armpit, so what I would do is put a small pillow between my breasts, that way the breast that was not on the side I was laying on, was being supported, this worked quite well. I sometimes found it easier to sleep propped up, but the backache just wouldn’t go away, but this too went away within a few weeks.

My breasts would get achy at times and it worked real well to put a bag of frozen peas on my chest, the aches would come on if I was doing too much and pushing myself too hard. I am not one to sit around so I had to be real careful.

A month after I had my surgery I was out shoveling hay off a trailer and feeding cows, it ached some but it felt pretty good to get the muscled moving. I slowly started working out as well but really listened to my body so I would not injure myself.

I did lose feeling in parts of the skin around my breast, it is not bad I can still feel but some parts are not as sensitive as others. My incision was made under the fold of my breast so the scar is not visible, I am not too worried about this anyway because I do not run around nude in public and now a year later the scar has faded considerably.

The placement of my implants is under the muscle, I do not see any rippling of the skin and I think it helped with making my breasts look natural. Your Dr. will advise you on what he recommends and explain the two different placements to you.

I went back to the Dr for my two week post op, he took pictures and showed me how to massage the breast so it would move like a normal breast, this was a bit painful but necessary and I found that it was more comfortable to massage in the warm shower.

As far as wearing a bra, my Dr. said that I could wear whatever felt comfortable on me and that there were not any restrictions. I know that some Dr.’s do not want you to wear under wire bras, I never had any problems. I just stuck to sports bras until the tenderness when away.

The look of my breasts was very round, very tight and very perky and of course swollen. It literally felt like I had two balls stuck under my skin. But of course as I healed and in the past year the two girls have settled in quite nicely. They have a natural fall to them and look real natural and not all round but kind of teardrop shaped.

I love my breast and the way I feel and look in shirts and swimsuits. My confidence is back and I feel sexier. My husband who is a butt man has said he thinks my breasts are hot and sexy. I am very pleased with the outcome and I believe you will be too. Just be sure to do your research, get educated and find a great Dr. Remember to do this because you want to do it for you and no one else.

Day of Breast Implant Surgery

The day of my breast implant surgery was a bit of a blur, so I will tell you what I do remember. I woke up at 7 am that morning, took a shower and dried my hair. There was no point in makeup and getting my hair fixed. I was a bit nervous but more excited than anything. 15 minutes before my appointment I took my "happy pill" that the Dr. had given me and by the time I got to the clinic I was already feeling a bit loopy.

As soon as I got to the office the Dr. came and got me and my husband and took us into and exam room. All I remember is telling him that I wanted to be a large D cup, to make me as big as I could and still look natural. He then took me to the operating room and I swear to this day that we walked through a wall, hahahaha, I dont remember any door. He then had me sit in this chair in which he performed the surgery on, they took off my shirt, gave me an IV and that is all I remember until I was waking up.

When I was coming out of the anesthesia, I told the nurse how great my kids are and how I couldn't wait to get home and sleep on my new foam mattress. When they sat me up and put the compression garment around my chest I got real sick to mu stomach and I had a killer backache. Right in the middle of my back, between my shoulder blades ached so bad, I was still real sleepy so I dozed and didnt pay too much attention to the pain.

The nurses then wheeled me into what I assume was the recovery room, I was sitting in some kind of chair with a heart rate monitor on my finger and the nurses told me that my husband and mom were out having breakfast and would be back shortly.

I kind of remember my mom and husband sitting there with me, but it is quite foggy. I also took the heart monitor off my finger and put it on my other hand, it did give everyone a start, because it seemed like my heart stopped. Why is it I remember that so well.

By the time time I was ready to leave, I was still out of it and remember getting in a wheelchair and wheeled out a back door so I can get straight to the car, when I was pushed outside it was real bright, snowing and windy. My husband put me in the front seat, we leaned the seat back and headed out for our 2 hour journey home.

Well I was still out of it on the way home, but would try and stay awake and I remember getting caught in a real bad snow storm, we were literally pushing snow with the bumper of our Ford Escape, the visibility was very poor and it took
4 hours to get home. When we got home mom stayed the night with is because the roads were bad. I was more awake and not feeling too bad, I remember pretty much just hanging out and taking off the compressions garment and putting on a sportsbra. I also made my kids bed so my mom had a place to sleep. I also talked to my sister on the phone and went to bed when I was tired.

So surgery day was pretty easy. If you are planning on getting breast implants make sure you have all your "chores" taken care of so you can relax for a few days and don't over do it. You know what your limitations are so just be careful. And enjoy your new breasts!!!

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